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Chunky Chevron Quilt Squares ~ Thank you to Craftsy classes

pink, black, white fabric
pink, black, white fabric



Had such fun creating these squares. Since I’m new, brand spanking new!, to quilting I chose to take a class at and take advantage of the experience offered by the fabulous quilting instructors.

After making the original quilt block, I assembled 3 more exactly the same which would create one row 48″ long. The next thing….Get my graph paper, draw the chevron pattern to scale so 3 more rows could be made and added to create nice matching pattern for the front of the quilt.

The next step for me is to sew these squares together, attach to a nice cotton backing and then make a decision for the back of the quilt. Instead of using one large piece of fabric I think I’d like to incorporate a small piece of fabric from each square somehow on the quilt back. Sounds interesting….we’ll see if this quilting novice can make it happen in a stylish way….Hope, hope, hope….Prayers please 🙂

Any and all suggestions are greatly & happily received appreciatively!

This is the original quilt block I made from the class
This is the original quilt block I made from the class


Now that I'm retired....YAY....being creative is my happy place. I love it all.....paper, yarn, fabric, paint, stamps & food! So thankful God has blessed me with a wonderful family & an appreciative grateful heart.....Life is good :) Another blog to visit if you enjoy card making and scrapbooking:

4 thoughts on “Chunky Chevron Quilt Squares ~ Thank you to Craftsy classes

  1. Sha3no&#r9;s blog is one of my favourites.I love the tights but I adore Stephen in his neckerchief. I shall have to decorate the Aussies' Moggies (I refer to them as my step-cats) right now


    1. Your encouraging words are inspiring. Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek at my creation…the creative side of my brain has been working on overtime….lol


      1. 🙂
        I’m happy to hear that ❤

        It's funny how your brain can process so many ideas and projects , while your body is trying to catch up!
        That sounds like myself at this moment, trying to complete things as I brainstorm !

        Can't wait for your next post!


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