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Red and Green No-Sew Fringed Christmas Tree Skirt

A very good friend of mine made a no-sew baby blanket and pillow set for my newborn grandson….and it totally impressed me! Very cute and so very very cuddly soft….so…..when I found this no-sew Christmas tree skirt kit on sale at Joann Fabric store I couldn’t pass up the chance to try something different. 🙂 it was easy and I could sit right next to my hubby watching a movie while doing what I love doing….crafting! sewing! creating! doesn’t that sound fabulous?!!

There are pictures of the steps to create the tree skirt posted over on Paper Creations Den, my other blog. Hope to post some photos and journaling onto this WordPress blog but for now you could view the steps used to create the Christmas Tree skirt along with measurements and directions at this link (still learning the ropes here using my iPad…lol) –>  Paper Creations Den

Hope you found something that inspires you to create…..Thanks for visiting….and many thanks for allowing me to take baby steps with my blogging here at WP.  ❤



Now that I'm retired....YAY....being creative is my happy place. I love it all.....paper, yarn, fabric, paint, stamps & food! So thankful God has blessed me with a wonderful family & an appreciative grateful heart.....Life is good :) Another blog to visit if you enjoy card making and scrapbooking:

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