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Adorable Pillow Case Dress

On a trip to the fabric store I found this interesting sugar skull fabric and just had to purchase it for my growing stash. I originally planned to make a quilt with it but when one of my daughter’s friends saw my post on Facebook (Nonni’s Creation Den) showing this fabric, she asked me if I’d make her precious little girl a pillow case with it. Of course I jumpwp-1464097592750.jpged at the chance with an excited “Yes!”

I used an ellie mae designs pattern (K169) but I added my own personal touches…Instead of using ribbon, I made the shoulder ties out of matching fabric. The little ruffle overlapping the larger polka-dotted hem ruffle is another personal touch.

Sugar skulls deserve a few extra girlie girl frills and ruffles especially for this adorable toddler princess. Momma absolutely LOVED this pillow case dress I made for her little princess.




Now that I'm retired....YAY....being creative is my happy place. I love it all.....paper, yarn, fabric, paint, stamps & food! So thankful God has blessed me with a wonderful family & an appreciative grateful heart.....Life is good :) Another blog to visit if you enjoy card making and scrapbooking:

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