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Cozy Baby Boy Crib Quilt


There’s just something special about making a quilt to give as a shower gift for an expected bundle of joy. There’s no other quilt that’s the same; it’s unique and it’s special.

This cozy little crib quilt was made for a very special little fella…Fire trucks, trains, dump trucks and happy puppies!

Red, white, blue and yellow 🙂 Cozy fun and happiness.

I also gave this baby quilt the special touch of a rag quilt edge around the outside perimeter.


I like to add different textures, fabrics and embellishments to keep the baby’s curiosity peaked as they grow, explore and learn.

Showing the back of the baby crib quilt.

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my latest project….I look forward to reading your comments. Other sewing and quilting blogs inspire me to sew and I hope I’ve done the same for you. 😀

I will create a special order quilt for you, if you’d like….

Etsy: CreativeSCNonni
Twitter: @SCNonni

Blessings and love to you all…..Barbara




Now that I'm retired....YAY....being creative is my happy place. I love it all.....paper, yarn, fabric, paint, stamps & food! So thankful God has blessed me with a wonderful family & an appreciative grateful heart.....Life is good :) Another blog to visit if you enjoy card making and scrapbooking:

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