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Christmas Elf Costume

A real live Christmas elf getting ready to deliver adopted puppies and adult dogs to their new, loving forever homes in the Lowcountry of SC.

Green felt was used to create the main tunic of this costume and used red felt to make the neck collar. I found this pattern online a couple years ago, I can’t recall where I found it but will post the site’s link as soon as I can find that info. I added a strip of white furry fabric onto the sleeves for an extra touch of Christmas cheer.

wp-1464097245658.jpgI chose not to make the hat in this pattern because I already had a super cute elf hat with the elf ears attached….

My daughter used one of her wide black belts at the waist to complete this adorable and super fun Christmas elf costume.

Rachel, my daughter, was the SPCA elf for Dorchester County on Christmas day in 2015 delivering newly adopted puppies to their loving forever homes. It was a wonderful day…a very Merry Christmas full of happiness and smiles……AND lots of wagging tails! 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog; hope you found a bit of inspiration for your next project. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Blessings and love sent your way…. ~ Barbara

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