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Christmas Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

I was looking through a sewing/quilting magazine (Quilters World)  and came across photos of placemats and mug rugs made with log cabin blocks. Very cute ideas that got me thinking… I’m going to make some log cabin blocks that I’ll sew together to make a Christmas quilt that fit nicely on the back of my sofa! It’ll make a nice cozy lap warmer during the holiday season 🙂img_0039

Not quite sure which pattern layout to choose but I’ll post a photo of the lap quilt as soon as I finish it.

Here are just a few of the layouts using 6 of the log cabin blocks (I’ll be using 12 blocks). Would love some input; which layout do you like best? The funky chevron intrigues me. What do you think?……

I probably won’t sew them together until late next week because I’m working on a king sized t-shirt quilt for a friend of mine.

Thanks for stopping in for a peek….Your comments are greatly appreciated.Have a most wonderful blessed day. ❤ Barbara


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A Vintage Square Inside Square Quilt

A friend of mine asked me if I could make her mother a quilt with lots and lots of flowers on the fabric; and, of course my immediate reply was “Yes” along with a big smile. I love sewing and quilting! It’s my happy place….It’s like therapy for my creative soul 🙂

I knew this lady really liked pinks so you probably can guess that I had a grand ole time at the fabric store choosing these pretty flower filled fabrics.

It’s an easy pattern made up of square-inside-square quilt blocks with the addition of a strip separating each row of quilt blocks. My friend’s mom was thrilled with her surprise from her daughter….and I’m always thrilled to know that one of my quilts makes someone’s heart smile 🙂

Thanks for taking time to stop in for a visit…I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Make it a special day for someone by sharing a smile and a kind word.

Love and blessings to you and your loved ones…. Barbara

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T-Shirt Baby Quilt

A loving mom contacted me and asked if I could make a memory baby quilt. She wanted a special unique gift for the baby she was expecting. Could I use t-shirts, sweatshirts and other cloth items that belonged to her children?….Yes ma’am; I sure can!

Such a fantastic idea for the baby she was expecting! Super special and fabulously unique! A baby’s memory quilt that will be used and enjoyed through all stages of the child’s life.

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my latest project….I look forward to reading your comments. Other sewing and quilting blogs inspire me to sew and I hope I’ve done the same for you.😀


Blessings and love to you all…..Barbara

I will create a special order quilt for you, if you’d like. Contact me through Facebook private message or through Twitter.


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Cozy Baby Boy Crib Quilt


There’s just something special about making a quilt to give as a shower gift for an expected bundle of joy. There’s no other quilt that’s the same; it’s unique and it’s special.

This cozy little crib quilt was made for a very special little fella…Fire trucks, trains, dump trucks and happy puppies!

Red, white, blue and yellow 🙂 Cozy fun and happiness.

I also gave this baby quilt the special touch of a rag quilt edge around the outside perimeter.


I like to add different textures, fabrics and embellishments to keep the baby’s curiosity peaked as they grow, explore and learn.

Showing the back of the baby crib quilt.

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my latest project….I look forward to reading your comments. Other sewing and quilting blogs inspire me to sew and I hope I’ve done the same for you. 😀

I will create a special order quilt for you, if you’d like….

Etsy: CreativeSCNonni
Twitter: @SCNonni

Blessings and love to you all…..Barbara


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T-Shirt Quilt Full of Memories

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A few months ago I had a request to make a t-shirt quilt for a young teenaged girl. Her mom supplied me with lots and lots of t-shirts, bandanas, house coats and even an infant receiving blanket from the hospital. 👍😀  With such a nice large collection of special T-shirts and fabric I knew this was going to be a fabulous memory blanket full of random snippets of this young lady’s childhood.

It was truly a joy for me to design, lay out and create this t-shirt quilt. There’s no doubt in my mind that this memory t-shirt quilt will be a cherished possession for decades.

The quilt top front is framed with a medium/dark shade of royal purple which is 1 of the colors for Clemson University. I chose this color since there were a few Clemson tiger shirts; this young lady is a big fan of Clemson.

For the quilt back I chose a nice torque isle, lavender and grey plaid. I don’t use a general template for any of the t-shirt quilts I make; each one is laid out to balance the colors as well as the square/rectangular cuts from each t-shirt.wp-1464097495839.jpgwp-1464096336640.jpg

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Chunky Chevron Quilt Squares ~ Thank you to Craftsy classes

pink, black, white fabric
pink, black, white fabric



Had such fun creating these squares. Since I’m new, brand spanking new!, to quilting I chose to take a class at and take advantage of the experience offered by the fabulous quilting instructors.

After making the original quilt block, I assembled 3 more exactly the same which would create one row 48″ long. The next thing….Get my graph paper, draw the chevron pattern to scale so 3 more rows could be made and added to create nice matching pattern for the front of the quilt.

The next step for me is to sew these squares together, attach to a nice cotton backing and then make a decision for the back of the quilt. Instead of using one large piece of fabric I think I’d like to incorporate a small piece of fabric from each square somehow on the quilt back. Sounds interesting….we’ll see if this quilting novice can make it happen in a stylish way….Hope, hope, hope….Prayers please 🙂

Any and all suggestions are greatly & happily received appreciatively!

This is the original quilt block I made from the class
This is the original quilt block I made from the class