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Video tutorial: Storm at sea quilt block – version 1

I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for one of my daughters as a Christmas present but haven’t found a block pattern I liked…..until I found this one. I really really like it. This block is named “Storm at Sea” which suits it so well with the illusion of motion after the quilt top is completed.
Thank you Theresa at TheresaDownUnder …. I love your blog.

Sewn Up

Storm at sea quilt block - video tutorial

This block is deceptively easy to make. The beauty of this block resides in the many quilt layouts you can make by just using different colours for each piece.

How to make a Storm at sea block

Whatch a short video demonstrating how to make this block.

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This block is a perfect block to learn foundation paper piecing.

I know a lot of people feel a bit confused by foundation piecing. I hope this video makes sense to you.

Storm at sea block size

9 1/2 inches.

Download pattern

Note: the paper pattern has one extra small square in a square pattern piece that you don’t  need to use.

Some quilt layouts that can be made with this block

Storm at sea quilt layouts - video tutorial

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A Precious New Grandson

My husband and I are beside ourselves! Our hearts are full of love for this brand new baby boy, our grandson. Our baby girl had a baby, his name is Wyatt James. Isn’t that an awesome name?!! Sounds strong…and cute enough for a boy while at the same time masculine enough for a grown man. It’s so heartwarming to watch Rebecca and her hubby, Chris be parents. They’re blessed with a precious little Wyatt and Wyatt is blessed with loving, wonderful parents. ❤

OMG!! A sweet grandson! That’s right…’Snakes, snails & puppy dog tails” 🙂

Wouldn’t a baby quilt with that theme be a terrific idea? Time to pick up my sketch pad and get busy drawing out some ideas. What do ya think? Snakes, snails & puppy dog tails matches up with my grandson’s name perfectly.

Sorry I’m not posting a picture but don’t fret…lol….there will be some photos coming….. 😉 I just couldn’t wait to share this fabulous news. 

Thanks for stopping in…..Happy sewing…..


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Modern Mini Quilt Challenge!

This is what I am loving about my new crafting hobby, quilting…’s not just about the beautiful historical bed quilts! Look at this fabulous pillow!! Awesome! I can see me spending hours in my craft room making mini quilts….PILLOWS!!!! Yes!!!
If you visit this blog I found, Cloud CouCou Crafts…..she has all kinds of fun stuff to ooo and ahhh at!

Cloud CouCou Crafts

Amazingly I’ve decided to enter something in the mini quilt contest over at Ellison Lane.

Now my entry isn’t great, I’m aware of that, but my choice is limited and this one fits the bill best, so I’m entering this baby:

improv cushion

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Love in Heart and Ready to ship

Look at this gorgeous little stroller quilt! I’m new to quilting…I’m talking NEW to quilting…. 😉 Not sure but I think this is called a rag quilt because of the way the quilt squares are attached creating those adorable ruffled edges. With a grandson expected this fall, I’m putting this idea on my ‘to be made’ list.

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Just getting started….

Well, today is the first day of my life on WordPress. I’ve had a papercrafting blog ( on Blogger for a few years displaying my scrapbooking & handmade cards. I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to learn WP’s system but I take lots of time reading the ‘how-to’ of any new undertaking….so…..I apologize for being a bit dormant during the early life of this site…..but I promise to get busy posting some of my sewing thoughts, projects & sharing some fun blogs I find searching the wonderful, creative blogosphere. 🙂

Sewing has become my newest creative hobby therapy ( 🙂 )….I haven’t sewn a stitch in 25 years but now that I’m retired it’s time to get my Singer Sewing Machine humming again. A new grandson will be entering our family this fall and my very first project is going to be a quilt for him to cuddle under. SO EXCITED ……Ecstatic, actually…..Hence, the name in this blog….’Nonni’

Thanks for your curiosity and stopping in to take a look Around. Your comments, suggestions & requests are GREATLY appreciated.